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A Spirit is an alcoholic product produced through distillation, typically to a ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage at 25% or more.

In general, there are six different types of distilled spirits:

  • Brandy - made from fruit. This includes Pisco, Grappa, and Marc.
  • Gin - neutral spirit typically flavored with juniper and other botanicals.
  • Rum - made from sugar, or sugar by-products. This includes Cachaça.
  • Tequila - made from agave.
  • Vodka - neutral spirit.
  • Whiskey - made from grain. This includes Baijiu.

Although it can be argued that there are some additional types of spirits which may not seem to directly fall into this categorization. Akvavit (or aquavit), can be technically considered as being in the Gin family, even though it doesn't typically contain any juniper.