Mixed Drink Types

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While the Mixed Drink is simply any (hopefully tasty) combination of spirits, juices, mixers, etc. There are a variety of different types of mixed drinks which have evolved over the years which attempt to categorize the specifics of how such a drink is constructed. One of the most popular today, is the Cocktail. Originally defined as "Spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters", such a designation would allow a customer to walk into any bar and ask for a "gin cocktail" or "brandy cocktail" and the bartender would know precisely what they wanted. While many of these different drink categories have fallen out of use, the following is an attempt to provide a list of the different types of mixed drink that were at one time part of the bartenders lexicon. We've attempted to provide a simplified "definition" of the format of that particular drink, but in some cases there may not be a clear, or commonly accepted definition, in which case we've tried to provide as close as we can.

Mixed Drink Types
Name Ingredients Method Notes
Alexander Spirit, Crème de Cacao, Cream Shaken, Served Up Originally made with gin, then evolved to brandy. May not be an actual "category", although the brandy version is usually referred to as a "Brandy Alexander".
Bishop Port wine, orange (or lemon), cloves, cinnamon, ginger, sugar. All but port boiled with water, then port is added to heat and serve. Probably not an actual "category", since Cardinal, Pope, and others are variations.
Buck Spirit, Ginger Ale, Lemon Juice Served over Ice
Bump (probably not a true category) (needs more research)
Champerelle (probably not a true category) (needs more research)
Cobbler Wine or Spirit, Sugar, Fruit Shaken, Served over pellet ice
Cocktail Spirit, Sugar, Water, Bitters Shaken or Stirred, Served Up or On The Rocks
Collins Spirit, Citrus Juice (lemon), Sweetener, Soda Served in an ice filled glass
Cooler Spirit, Soda Served in an ice filled glass Garnished with a long spiral of citrus peel
Crusta Spirit, Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice, Bitters Shaken, Served Up in a sugared rim glass Garnished with a long spiral of citrus peel
Cup Seems difficult to define but appears to have typically included some borage. Mixed together and poured into an (often) oversized goblet Served to a group of people, with one person taking a sip, then passing it on to the next.
Daisy Spirit, citrus juice, grenadine (or raspberry syrup) Stir in ice filled glass Top with soda water (optional)
Egg Nog Spirit, eggs, milk, sugar Served cold or with hot water added
Fix Spirit, citrus juice, sugar (or flavored syrup), water Served in a glass of crushed ice garnished with fruits and berries
Fizz Spirit, citrus juice, sweetener Shaken and strained into an iceless glass topped with soda water
Flip Spirit or Wine, sweetener, egg Shaken, and served hot or cold garnished with nutmeg
Frappe Any drink served over finely crushed ice Stir well to frost glass exterior
Grog Spirit (rum), water, citrus juice (optional), sweetener (optional), spices (optional) mix well without ice may be served hot
Hailstorm Spirit, Sugar, Ice Stirred in a glass (OCS&C)
Highball Spirit, Soda or other carbonated beverage poured into ice filled glass
Julep Spirit, sugar, mint served over finely crushed ice
Mist Spirit or liqueur served over finely crushed ice
Mull Wine, Spices heated and served in a mug garnish with grated nutmeg
Neat Spirit or liqueur pour into iceless glass
Negus Wine, Spices, Hot water served in a mug garnish with grated nutmeg
On The Rocks Mixed Drink or Spirit or liqueur poured into an ice filled glass
Posset Wine or ale, egg (optional), sugar, spices, boiling hot milk served in a mug garnish with nutmeg and/or cinnamon
Pousse Café Various liqueurs float one layer on top of the other
Puff Spirit, Milk, Seltzer
Punch Spirit, Citrus, Sugar, Spice, Water Mixed with ice Usually served in a large bowl
Rickey Spirit, Lime Juice, Soda, Sweetener (optional) stir in an ice filled glass
Sangaree Wine or Ale, Spirit, Water (optional), Citrus Juice, Sweetener, Spices Served either Hot or Cold
Scaffa Spirit, Liqueur, bitters mixed, without ice, served neat
Skin Spirit, sweetener, water (hot or cold) garnish with lemon peel
Shot Spirit or Liqueur Neat, in a small glass
Shrub Spirit, boiling water, fruit, sugar, vinegar Allow to set several days in an airtight container Strain, Bottle, serve
Sling Spirit, sweetener, water (hot or cold) garnish with lemon peel
Smash Spirit, sugar, mint Shake with ice, strain into ice filled glass
Sour Spirit, Sweetener, Citrus Juice Shake with ice and serve up or on the rocks garnish with a citrus peel
Swizzle Spirit, citrus juice, sweetener "swizzle" in an ice filled glass or pitcher
Syllabub Sweetened wine Top with a whipped cream of cream, sweet sherry, lemon juice
Toddy Spirit, sweetener, water (hot or cold) garnish with lemon peel
Up Mix a drink with ice, then strain into an empty glass
Well Drink Any drink made with lower end products