Victor Bergeron

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Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron (December 10, 1902 – October 11, 1984) became world-renowned for the chain of "Trader Vic" restaurants which were one of the vanguards of the "Tiki" movement.

In 1934 he opened a pub, originally called Hinky Dink's, which was across the street from the grocery store his family owned and operated. Following a trip to Hollywood, where he visited both "Don The Beachcomber", and the tropical "Seven Seas", he decided to throw his had into the ring and in 1937 the name was changed to "Trader Vic's, and was re-imagined in a Polynesian theme.

Note: I am seeing some confusion as to the original opening of Hinky Dink's. More research required.

Identified by Imbibe Magazine as one of “The Top 25 Most Influential Cocktail Personalities of the Past Century”[1]:

"Trading the sports theme for tiki aesthetic, Victor Bergeron converted his Oakland, Calif. bar, Hinky Dink's into the instantly popular Trader Vic’s in 1937. Credited with creating the first Mai Tai cocktail, and author of several tiki cocktail books, Bergeron and the Trader Vic’s franchise later opened more than 20 restaurants around the world."

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