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A long-time fan of the research and/or creation of, construction of, sharing of and refining of The Cocktail. My first were simple amusements, mainly alcohol-free. But over the past 40+ years I have been working to refine my understanding of the 'genre' and make better cocktails, more often. I have been collecting cocktail books (over 250 currently on my shelves) and have been working for the past decade on a 'comprehensive' database of as many credible recipes as I can find, credited, and am now a little over 11,000 stored. Eventually, once I've learned how to code it for the Internet, I intend to produce a 'DNA of the Cocktail' website which will allow us to trace through timelines, variants and possible future recipes. Both I and several 'colleagues' here in London have met regularly (pre-Coronavirus Lockdown) to exchange recipes, techniques and critique our offerings. I look forward to being able to share some of our less bibulous findings with The Society, too.