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Since opening in 2005, this world-renown craft cocktail lounge has consistently been winning awards and recognitions for both its drinks, and its bartenders.



77 W Houston St
New York


(212) 473-7348


Closure of the Pegu Club

On March 15th, Pegu Club was required to close its doors as part of New York's Stay-At-Home order in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This required all bars and restaurants, as well as many other non-essential businesses to stop taking dine-in customers. This resulted in severe hardship for almost all bars across the city, and their staff. Several bars started up GoFundMe campaigns to allow people to donate money so the bars could assist their now out-of-work staff (Pegu Club Cocktail Bar - Staff Relief Fund).

As time went on, the true impacts associated with staying closed, but still needing to pay rent, insurance, and various other expenditures, became clear. On April 29th, the decision was made to close the Pegu Club for good, and a notice was sent out to the staff, as well as customers and friends.

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