Martini Glass

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Oswald Haerdtl Martini Glass from 1925
René Lalique Martini Glass from 1925

Originally, cocktails didn't have a "dedicated" glass. Bartenders would use whatever glassware they felt was appropriate that they had on hand. It wouldn't be until the 1900's that a glass would emerge that would be seen to this day as the quintessential cocktail glass. Today we commonly call that a "Martini Glass" in honor of the drink that typically would have found it as its home.

It is difficult to find exactly when/where this glass first appeared, but there are a few rumors that point to the 1925 Paris Exposition as being the unveiling of the glass which would soon become a Martini Glass. A little searching shows two possible contenders, both in the classic Martini profile, and both from the 1925 Paris Exposition. One is a design by Oswald Haerdtl, which anybody would immediately recognize as an elegant, but standard, Martini glass. The second is by René Lalique, which has a similar profile, but with a decidedly more "art deco" style.


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