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"Ad Galli Caudam Propagandam"


For the good of the cocktail

"The Sunday Mercury says that if you are at a hotel, and wish to call for a beverage compounded of brandy, sugar, absynthe, bitters and ice, called by the vulgar a cocktail, ask for une queue de chanticleer-it will be an evidence at once of your knowledge of French and of Chesterfield."

- The New Orleans Daily Picayune, February 2, 1843, p.2

[Transcribed by David Wondrich, October 2008]

Welcome to the Chanticleer Society

You have encountered the "reboot" of the Chanticleer Society website. Originally, this site was a discussion forum for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts around the world. Not only did the underlying software for the site begin to experience problems, but other social networking methods began to become the favored venue for such discussions. The final blow, was that the hosting service being used closed up, and the site was unable to be moved to a new host.

In this reboot, we have decided to turn ourselves into a "Wiki" which is specifically focused on servicing both our members, as well as any other interested party.

MediaWiki has been installed.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started