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A liqueur is typically a flavored and sweetened alcoholic product. It is a relatively broad category, with often haphazard definitions. A liqueur will normally be at least 15% alcohol by volume, with at minimum 100g of sugar per liter.

There are a few different, and in some cases not commonly used, sub categories of liqueurs:


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The product includes some form of dairy


Not to be confused with "Cream Liqueurs", there is (usually) no dairy ingredient in a crème, but it is instead the sugar content which is being referred to. It is believed to have it's roots in "Crème de la crème", and was from when sugar was more expensive. In the European Union, a crème liqueur is required to contain at least 200g of sugar per liter, with the exception of crème de cassis, which must contain 400g of sugar per liter.


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This can be a rather confusing term. Drinkers in the US will typically think of "schnapps" as being any sweet liqueur, but in Germany "schnapps" is used as a generic term for any spirit, sweetened or not.


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