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This is probably going to be a big topic and may need to eventually be split up into separate pages, but I figure if we don't put a page down to start working on it, it will never get done.

My thought here, is that the details that need to be addressed are the different "Types" of cocktail related glassware (Collins, Old Fashioned, Coupe, High Ball, etc) along with their capacity (and "range" of capacity). For each of these glasses/sizes it should describe the overall shape, and what (if anything) is important about that shape and size for the particular drink or usage.

I would also like to see some overall terminology presented which identifies the different parts of the glass. While things like "foot", "stem", "bowl", etc are pretty low hanging fruit, there is also some terminology that we should dig into which may be commonly known only in the glassware manufacturing sect. Some possible examples base-ring, fluting, or other terminology that is applicable when talking about the shape, design, and form of cocktail glassware.


Baluster : When used as a descriptive element it glassware, it refers to a decorative element included in the stem of a glass.

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Initially, these links will be resources to review to try to identify details useful to include on this page.