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Fee Brothers is a manufacturer of cocktail mixers, syrups, and bitters. They have been around since 1863, when they converted the butcher shop originally opened by Owen Fee in 1847 to a saloon and delicatessen. The years that followed would see many changes in the company as they addressed the changing needs of their customers. They soon began importing wines and spirits, as well as making their own wines for their growing range of customers.

1920 marked the beginning of Prohibition, during which Fee Brothers continued the business by making alter wine. this was sold throughout the Eastern United States. Also, it was legal for homeowners to make a limited amount of wine for their own consumption. The Fees would send a representative to a client's home. There, he would set up a barrel with concentrated grape juice, sugar, water, and yeast to make a good batch of wine. He would return to monitor its progress and eventually to bottle the wine. The homeowner would pay for this service. There was also a non-alcoholic malt extract beer put out be Fee Brothers. It was labeled with the picture of a bear and called "Bruno". The label said "It's a bear" (meaning beer) and "Do not add yeast to this product as it is likely to ferment."

Today, Fee Brothers is still stretching and expanding. The product list includes almost 100 drink mix products. Fee Brothers' market stretches from coast to coast in the United States. Products are also shipped to six continents. Fee Brothers sells their products to a variety of different types of distributors as well as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream shops, and other food service operations.[1]

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