Cocktail Timeline

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There may be WAY too much information to handle in this fashion, but we may not know unless we try.
The timeline should be broken down into individual "Eras". If this list gets too top-heavy, we can split each era into their own page.

Pre-Dawn (before 1800)

Dawn of the Cocktail (1800 to 1860)

Golden Age (1860 to 1920)

Prohibition (1920 to 1933)

Dark Ages

Modern Cocktail Revival (1995? to Present)


January: is launched by Robert Hess


August: The DrinkBoy forum is created by Robert Hess on MSN Groups


March 3, 2003: "A Tribute to Professor Jerry Thomas" at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Featuring Jerry Thomas cocktails served by Dale DeGroff, Ted Haigh, Robert Hess, George Papadakis, Sash Petraske, Gary Regan, Audrey Saunders, and David Wondrich. Presented in cooperation with Slow Food NYC.


October: The Museum of the American Cocktail is founded by Dale DeGroff, Jill DeGroff, Robert Hess, Philip Greene, Ted Haigh, Anistatia Miller, Jared Brown, Chris McMillian, Laura McMillian.


August: The Pegu Club cocktail lounge opens in New York.