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The Cobbler came onto the scene in the 1830's, at which time it became exceedingly popular. Two of it's specific hallmarks "ice" and "drinking straws" were seen as new-fangled trends which caught the public eye. It's construction was relatively simple, spirit, sugar, and fruit, mixed thoroughly with ice, and then served with straws. The modern paper straw was first patented in 1888, and prior to that the straws served with drinks would be just that, straw. Usually the dried hollow stalk of rye, cut to length is what would be served with the Cobbler, perhaps the first drink to specifically call for its use. The name “Cobbler” is believed to reference the small chunks of ice which fill the drink like a “cobble” stones.

Base Recipe

  • 4 ounces Wine or Spirit
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar
  • 2 or 3 slices of Fruit

Shake with shaved/crushed ice and pour into a goblet or tall glass. Garnish with berries or fruit in season. Serve with straws.

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