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To help manage, identify, and cross-reference the various books that have been published "since the beginning of time" about cocktails, mixology, spirits, and the like, the following is an attempt to provide a fairly comprehensive list of books. The original source listing came from Martin Doudoroff and Ted Haigh, from the list they compiled for CocktailDB.

You can find a LOT of scanned cocktail/spirits books on the EUVS Vintage Cocktail Book Library as well. As time permits, I'll be adding books from that source here, with links back to the scanned in copies that they have online.

Other online sources for extensive cocktail bibliographies are:

I've chosen (at the moment) to list this in basically a "Bibliography" format:

Author, Title, publisher (date)

With any relevant "notes" about the particular book indented below that. If more exhaustive information is available, or needed about a book, instead of overloading this list with that information we should probably create a separate page for that? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Some of the books which will be listed here are ones we consider as "Essential" books for the bartender and cocktail enthusiast to be aware of, or hopefully have their own copy of. These books will be inset in a table like you see here, and will include an image of the cover on the right hand side to make the entry stand out a little more.

At the current time, this list of "Essential" books is a work-in-progress, and will be growing over time.


Dudley Bradsteet, The Life & Uncommon Adventures of Captain Dudley Bradstreet, John Hamilton, London (1755)

According to Captain Bradstreet himself, he is responsible for the early practice of Londoners purchasing their gin by dropping a coin in the mouth of a statue of a cat on a door, and then collecting the gin as it came out of the cat's paw.
Editor's Note: This edition of the Life and Adventures of Dudley Bradstreet has been reprinted for the first time from the original edition of 1755, printed and sold by S. Powell, of Dublin, a copy of which is in the British Museum. One or two trifling errors have been corrected, and Bradstreet's rather tedious play, "The Bottle Conjuror," has been omitted, together with the paragraph relating to it. Pages 351-2 are missing from the copy in the British Museum and have been reproduced from that in the Bodleian Library. G.S.T.


Samuel M'Herry, The Practical Distiller: or An Introduction to Making Whiskey, Gin, Brandy, Spirits &c, &c, John Wyeth (1809)

"...of Better Quality and in Larger Quantities Than Produced by the Present Mode of Distilling, from the Produce of the United States:
Such As
Rye, Corn, Buck-wheat, Apples, Peaches, Potatoes, Pumpions, and Turnips
With Directions
How to Conduct and Improve the Practical Part of Distilling in All Its Branches
Together with Directions
For Purifying, Clearing, and Colouring Whiskey, Making Spirits Similar to French Brandy, &c. from the Spirits of Rye, Corn, Apples, Potatoes, &c. &c.
And Sundry Extracts of Approved Receipts
For Making Cider, Domestic Wines, and Beer."


S. Moor, The Publican's Friend and Sure Guide to do Well, W. Mason (1812)

Ample and useful Instructions for taking a Public House, Liquor Shop, &c. Likewise, the Means whereby Spirits are obtained from various Substances, how rectified, or made pure; which will convey ideas for choosing clean and good-flavored Spirits. Also, the best Method for making Spirits into Gin of pleasing Flavors, without any pernicious Ingredient whatever; and how to make Gin fine without Alum, Salt of Tartar, or any nauseous or hurtful Thing. Likewise, how to reduce Gin, &c. to any exact Price that may be required. Also how to raise the Strength of Gin to any degree that may be chosen. Peppermint, Anise-seed, &c. of fine and rich Flavors, to be made on the same Principle, without buying Oils for so doing. Instructions for buying Spirits to Advantage. Observations on Hydrometers for proving the Strength of Spirits, specifying which should be used, and hte best Means to prevent Seizures. Remarks on Concentration and Filtering; and Directions for managing Malt Liquors.
The Whole Comprising More
Than Any Book Hitherto Published.


Richard Cook, Oxford Night Caps (1827)

This is believed to be the first book devoted entirely to recipes for various types and styles of mixed drinks. It was first published in 1827, with regular reprints after that

William Beastall, Useful Guide for Grocers, Distillers, Hotel & Tavern Keepers & Wine & Spirit Dealers of Every Denomination, (published by author) (1829)


Capt. J. E. Alexander, Transatlantic Sketches, Comprising Visits to the most Interesting Scenes in North and South America, and The West Indies., Russel and Martien Printers (1833)

While not written by a bartender, this accounting contains an earlier set of "recipes" for Cocktail, Sling, Mint Julep, and Apple-Toddy:

   For the receipt-book let the following be copied: - First, Cocktail is composed of water, with the addition of rum, gin, or brandy, as one chooses-a third of the spirit to two-thirds of the water; add bitters, and enrich with sugar and nutmeg; in sling, the bitters are omitted. - Second, Mint Julep. Put four or five stalks of unbruised mint into a tumbler, on them place a lump of ice; add brandy, water, and sugar. - Third, Apple-toddy, says Mr. Willard, the bar-keeper of the City Hotel, who never forgets the face of a customer, is thus made: Have the fairest apples rolled in brown paper, which wet with water, and then bury them in live embers till they are thoroughly roasted and quite soft; then a fourth part of apples, a forth part of water, a lump of ice, and the whole to be rich with a fourth part of sugar, makes the agreeable compound. N. B. If there is no nutmeg convenient, a scrape or two of the mudler (wooden sugar-breaker) will answer the purpose.

Richard Cook, Oxford Night Caps (1835): 3rd Edition of the first book devoted entirely to mixed drinks

Samuel Morewood, Morewoodʼs History of Inebriating Liquors, William Curry Jun. & Company (1838)

We have so far been unable to find a scanned copy of this book online, but we do find this book referenced multiple times by other books. We will keep up the search.


Richard Cook, Oxford Night Caps (1847): 4th Edition of the first book devoted entirely to mixed drinks


Pierre Lacour, The Manufacture of Liquors, Wines, and Cordials, Without the Aid of Distillation, R. Craighead, Printer (1853)

Timothy Shay Arthur, Ten Nights in a Bar Room, Scottish Temprance League (1855)

George Francis Train, An American Merchant in Europe, Asia, & Australia, G. P. Putnam & Co. (1857)


John Stephen, Treatise on the Manuf., Imitation, Adulteration, & Reduction of Foreign Wines, Brandies, Gins, Rums, etc. etc., Author (1860)

(A Practical Chemist....)
Jerry Thomas, How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant's Companion (aka: "The Bartender's Guide), Dick & Fitzgerald (1862)

This is considered the very first book to provide a listing of recipes that a bartender should be familiar with. It includes over 200 recipes for various mixed drinks of the day, as well as recipes for 10 different cocktails, one of which (The "Soda Cocktail") was non-alcoholic.

How To Mix Drinks Cover.png

(anon.), Cups & Their Customs, John Van der Voorst (1863)

(anon.) The American Barkeeper a Practical Liquor Manufacturer, Mullin, Mahon & Co. (1867)

Jesse Haney, Haneyʼs Steward & Barkeeperʼs Manual, (published by author) (1869)

William Terrington, Cooling Cups & Dainty Drinks, George Routledge & Sons Ltd. London (1869)


E. Ricket and C. Thomas, The Gentleman's Table Guide, London (1871)

A. V. Bevill, Barkeepers' Ready Reference< (1871)

A. W. Chase, Dr. Chaseʼs Recipes or Information for Everybody, R. A. Beal (1867?)

E. A. Simmons, The American Bar-Tender -or- The Art and Mystery of Mixing Drinks, Manattan Publishing Company (1874)

Appears to be the first time "cold" Flip recipes are listed. There isn't a true "author" listed for this book, but in the introduction (signed by H.L.W.) it references that the recipes contained in the book come from "Mr. E. A. Simmons, so long favorably known as having charge of the Wine Department of French's famous Hotel, fronting on City Hall Park." (Note: French's Hotel would be torn down in 1889 to make room for the new World Building)

P. Schützenberger, On Fermentation (The International Scientific Series - Volume XX), D. Appleton & Company (1876)

John Russell Bartlett, Dictionary of Americanisms: A Glossary of Words and Phrases Usually Regarded as Peculiar to the United States, Little, Brown, and Company (1877)

Under the listing for "Liquor" (p 356), it contains an interesting and useful collection of drinks:
Liquor. Many and very singular names have been given to the various compounds or mixtures of spiritous liquors and wines served up in fashionable bar-rooms in the United States. The following list is taken from two sources, one of them an advertisement, the other a book of mixed liquors. A very few of them are English.

Leo Engel, American & Other Drinks, Tinsley Brothers (1878)


Harry Johnson, New and Improved Bartender's Manual -or- How To Mix Drinks of the Present Style, New York, Samisch & Goldmann (1882)

Patrick McDonough, Barkeepers' Guide and Gentleman's Sideboard Companion, (1883)

Daniel (D.D.) Dorchester, The Liquor Problem in all Ages, Phillips & Hunt (1884)

Scientific Barkeeping, Buffalo NY, E. N. Cook & Co (1884)

O.H. Byron, Modern Bartender's Guide, (1884)

Fr.A.Eichler The Manufucture of Liquors, Syrups, Cordials and Bitters, etc. etc Aschenbach & Miller(1884)

Fleischman, Art of Blending & Compounding Liquors & Wines, Dick & Fitzgerald (1885)

Bacchus, Cordon Bleu, New Guide for the Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Butler, & Chef, William Nicholson & Sons London (1885)

Charles Hindley, True History of Tom & Jerry, Reeves and Turner (1888)

Jerry Thomas, Bar-Tenderʼs Guide, Dick & Fitzgerald (1887)

Harry Johnson, New & Improved Illustrated Bartenderʼs Manual, Author (1888)

Notable as being one of the first to include a recipe for the "Martini/Martine"

Theodore Proulx, The Bartender’s Manual, Author (1888)

Notable as being the first to include recipes for the "Old Fashioned" and one of the first to include the "Martini" (both on page 25)

B. Fenner, Complete Formulary, , Author (1888)

Harry Lamore, New Police Gazette Bartenders Guide (The Bartender or How to Mix Drinks), Richard K. Fox (1888)


Joesph Harrop,Monograph on Flavoring Essences: Syrups and Coloring Matter (1891)

(anon.), Wehmanʼs Bartendersʼ Guide, Henry J. Wehman, Publisher (1891)

William Schmidt, The Flowing Bowl, Charles L. Webster & Co. (1891)

(The Only William)

Albert A. Hopkins, Scientific American Cyclopedia of Reciepts, Notes & Queries, Munn & Co. (1892)

James Mew, John Ashton, Drinks of the World, Charles Scribnerʼs Sons (1892)

G. L. (One Who Knows) Horton, Beverages & Sandwiches for Your Husband's Friends, Brentanoʼs (1893)

Herbert W. Green, Mixed Drinks; A Manual for Bar Clerks, Frank H. Smith (1894)

Charlie Paul, American and Other Iced Drinks, (1895)

George J. Kappeler, Modern American Drinks, Merriam Company (1895)

C. F. Lawlor, The Mixicologist, (published by author) (1895)

Joseph L. Haywood, Mixology: The Art of Preparing All Kinds of Drinks, Press of the Sunday Star (1898)


Harry Johnson, Bartender's Manual by Harry Johnson, (1900)

Other Editions:

Harry Johnson Cover.jpg

Hugh McHugh, Down the Line with John Henry, G. W. Dillingham Co. (1901)

Paul E. Lowe, Drinks As They Are Mixed, Frederick J. Drake & Company (1904)

John Applegreen, Applegreenʼs Bar Book, Hotel Monthly Press (1913)

John Wiliam Sargent, Toasts for the Times in Pictures & Rhymes, Consolidated Retail Booksellers (1904)

unable to find a digital copy of this book, or much in the way of other information, but it appears to be a well-illustrated collection of toasts.

W. M. Rhodes, Toasts, The Penn Publishing Company (1904)

A beautifully illustrated booklet of Toasts

(anon.), Gorham Cocktail Book, Gorham Company (1905)

Laura S. Fitchett, Beverages & Sauces of Colonial Virgina, Neale Publishing Company (1906)

Louis Muckensturm, Louisʼ Mixed Drinks, H. M. Caldwell Co. (1906)

Bert Leston Taylor, W. C. Gibson, Extra Dry; Being the Further Adventures of the Water Wagon, G. W. Edillingham Company (1906)

William Boothby, The World's Drinks and How to Mix Them, (1908)


Max Stein, Toasts, (published by author) (1910)

Jacob Abraham Grohuske, Jack's Manual, New York, McClunn & Co. (1910)

George R. Washburne, Beverages De Luxe, Louisville KY, Wine & Spirits Bulletin (1911)

Kendall Banning, The Squireʼs Recipes, Brothers of the Book (1912)

Published in 1912, but reportedly it is a "reprint" of a book which Kendall Banning "found" that was originally published in 1784. It recounts several notable recipes as provided by "Calvin Banning". At the front of the reprint however it notes that Kendall, upon hearing that his great-grand-father (Calvin) had been excommunicated from the church for his drinking.
    "So, to save grandfather's reputation, Mr Banning had to admit that the book was a hoax. He had written it himself; printed it from old, battered type on paper that he had stained with coffee, and trampled upon to give semblance of age. With such minute attention to detail had the task been done that the book was taken at its face value by everyone but the expert."

Jacques Straub, Drinks by Jacques Straub, (1914)

William T. Ellis, "Billy" Sunday; The Man & His Message, Thomas Manufacturing Co. (1914)

Harry Montague, (anon.), New Bartenderʼs Guide & The Up-to-Date Bartendersʼ Guide, I & M Ottenheimer (1914)

Editorial Staff of The Soda Fountain, Dispenserʼs Formulary or Soda Water Guide, D. O. Haynes & Co. (1915)

G. B. Thompson, The Shadow of the Bottle, Review & Herald Publishing Association (1915)

Edgar James, Wine Woman & Song Jokes, I & M Ottenheimer (1916)

Hugo R. Ensslin, Recipes for Mixed Drinks, By Hugo R. Ensslin (1917)

Thomas Bullock, The Ideal Bartender, Buxton & Skinner Printing & Stationary Co. (1917)

Henry Carter, The Control of the Drink Trade, Longmans, Green & Co. (1918)


Bertha E. L. Stockbridge, What to Drink: The Blue Book of Beverages, D. Appleton & Company (1920)

"Recipes and Directions for Making and Serving Non-Alcoholic Drinks for All Occasions"
Harry MacElhone, The ABC of Mixing Cocktails, London (1921+)

Harry MacElhone was a bartender at Ciro's Club in London, when he published the first edition of his small vest-pocket sized book "The ABC of Mixing Cocktails", it went through several reprints, with various additions and subtractions over the years. The 1923 and priors editions held the title of "'Harry' of Ciro's ABC of Mixing Cocktails", in 1923 he was able to purchase the "New York" bar in Paris, where he had previously worked and from that point the titles changed to just "Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails" with the cover stating it was "Harry of the New York bar Paris (Late of Ciros) ABC of Mixing Cocktails". We will attempt to gather details on the various printings of this book, and any important details associated with them

ABC of Mixing Cocktails Cover.jpg

Don Marquis, The Old Soak, Doubleday, Page & Company (1921)

Kuenzle & Streiff, One Hundred and One Drinks as They are Mixed: Recipes for Cocktails and Other Beverages, Kuenzle & Streiff, Manila, Philippines (c. 1921)

Robert W. Service, Ballads of a Bohemian, Barse & Hopkins (1921)

Robert Vermeire, Cocktails: How to Mix Them, (1922)

This book contains one of the oldest recipes for the Sidecar and the Singapore Sling

Cocktails How To Mix Them.jpg

(anon.), Nonsenseorship (Prohibition satire & ridicule), G. P. Putnamʼs Sons (1922)

written by the Algonquin Round Table crowd

M. E. Steedman, C. Herman Senn, Home-made Summer & Winter Drinks, Ward, Locke & Co., Limited (1924)

Anita Loos, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Boni & Liveright (1925)

Prohibition Cocktail Book, Americana. Eight Cocktail Napkins, Hand Blocked, with Recipes and the Histories of Eight Famous Drinks, NP (circa 1925)

Samuel Pepys, Everybodyʼs Pepys, Harcourt Brace & Company (1926)

John Thomas, Dry Martini; A Gentleman Turns to Love, George H. Doran Company (1926)

Irving Fisher, Prohibition at its Worst, Macmillan (1927)

Harry McElhone, Barflies and Cocktail, Harry and Wynn (1927)

Judge Jr., Hereʼs How!, Leslie Judge Company (1927)

(1st volume in the Hereʼs How Series)

Paul E. Lowe, How to Mix Drinks & How to Serve, Musson Book Company (1927)

Bruce Reynolds, A Cocktail Continentale, George Sully & Company (1927)

Frank Shay, John Held Jr., My Pious Friends & Drunken Companions, The Macaulay Company (1927)

(anon.), The Cocktail Book (St. Botolph Society), L. C. Page & Company (1927)

"Jimmy", Cocktails, David McKay Company (1928)

Jimmy (Late of Ciros)

Charles, Cheerio!, Elf Publishing Company (1928)

Charles: Formerly of Delmonicos

George Coes Howell, The Case of Whiskey, Author (1928)

Sisley Huddleston, Paris Salons Cafes, Studios, Blue Ribbon Books (1928)

Burton Rascoe, Morrowʼs Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1929, William Morrow (1928)

Frank Shay, John Held Jr., More Pious Friends & Drunken Companions, The Macaulay Company (1928)

Charles William Taussig, Rum Romance & Rebellion, Mnton, Balch & Company (1928)

Charles S. Warnock, Giggle Water, Author (1928)

Basil Woon, When Itʼs Cocktail Time in Cuba, Horace Liveright (1928)

Frank Shay, John Held Jr., Drawn from the Wood, The Macaulay Company (1929)

1930 - "And Let The Floodgates Be Opened!"

Harry Craddock, Savoy Cocktail Book, Constable & Co. London (UK), Richard R. Smith (USA) (1930)

This is an important snapshot of the state of the cocktail just as the United States was getting ready to climb out Prohibition. Harry Craddock was the highly noted bartender at the American Bar in the Savoy Hotel of London, and this is his collection of recipes which he gathered. The publisher for the UK edition was Constable & Co. and in the United States it was Richard R. Smith.


Roxanna Doran, Prohibition Punches, Dorrance & Company, Inc. (1930)

Virginia Elliot, Phil D. Stong, Shake ʻEm Up!, Brewer & Warren, Inc. (1930)

Ridgely Hunt, George S. Chappell, John Held Jr. (illos.), The Saloon in the Home, Coward-McCann, Inc. (1930)

Judge Jr., Noble Experiments, John Day Company (1930)

  • 3rd volume in the Hereʼs How Series

Dexter Mason, Art of Drinking; What & How, Farrar & Rinehart (1930)

Gilbert Seldes, The Future of Drinking, Little, Brown & Company (1930)

Jerry Thomas, Bon Vivantʼs Companion or How to Mix Drinks, Alfred A. Knopf (1930)

Nina Toye, A. H. Adair, Drinks - Long & Short, William Heinemann, Ltd (1930)

Nina Toye, A. H. Adair, Petits et Grands Verres, Au Sans Pareil (1930)

  • Prohibition-era

Carl Van Vechten, Parties, Alfred A. Knopf (1930)

George Ade, The Old Time Saloon, Ray Long & Richard R. Smith, Inc. (1931)

Albert Stevens Crockett, Old Waldorf Bar Days, Aventine Press (1931)

Prior to Prohibition, the Waldorf Hotel in New York was one of the fine establishments where dignified gentlemen could enjoy a great cocktail. When Prohibition was enacted, the bar was shut down, and Albert Stevens Crockett found himself in possession of their collection of recipes. In 1931 he penned "Old Waldorf Bar Days" which contained a variety of reminiscences about the "good old days", and in this he included a section of the cocktail recipes which had been served. He would later publish these recipes as a stand-alone book "The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book". The recipes contained in this book can be seen as a time-capsule of the cocktails which were available just prior to American Prohibition.


John Drury, Dining In Chicago; An Intimate Guide, John Day Company (1931)

  • Carl Sandburg fʼward

Anderson Fredericks, 100 Cocktails; How to Make Them & What to Eat with Them, Haldeman-Julius Publications (1931)

John, Happy Days, Felshin Publishing Company (1931)

Shelby Little, The Linebook, Chicago Tribune (1931)

Dexter Mason, Tipple & Snack, Farrar & Rinehart (1931)

Col. Ira L. Reeves, Olʼ Rum River, Thomas L. Rockwell Company (1931)

Edward Van Every, Sins of America, Frederick A. Stokes Company (1931)

"Robert", Cocktails; How to Mix Them, Herbert Jenkins Limited (1932)

(anon.), Ballyhoo, Ballyhoo (1932)

  • hardbound ex post facto

(anon.), Sloppy Joeʼs Cocktail Manual Season 1932-33, (1932)

James A. Wiley, Helene M. Griffith, Art of Mixing, Macrae - Smith - Company (1932)

"Mixer", Bartenderʼs Friend, Jarmor Publishing Co. (1933)

(anon.), 300 Drinks & How to Mix ʻem, Kaeser & Blair Inc. (1933)

  • mainly reprints Pre-Pro recipes

(anon.), Cocktail Parade, Canapé Parade (1933)

Herbert Asbury, The Barbary Coast, Garden City Publishing Company (1933)

Caleb Drinkwater, How to Serve Wine & Beer, Watkins Publishing Co. (1933)

  • Recipes Menus Cocktails Hints

Virginia Elliott, Quiet Drinking, Harcourt, Brace & Company (1933)

M. I. Fogelsonger, The Secrets of the Liquor Merchant Revealed, Mark Green & Brothers (1933)

  • This is obviously a reprint of a much older book

Raymond B. Fosdick, Albert L. Scott, Towards Liquor Control, Harper & Brothers (1933)

J. A. Grohusko, Jackʼs Manual, Alfred A. Knopf (1933)

Robert Hunt Lyman, The World Almanac, New York World-Telegram (1933)

Julien J. Proskauer, Whatʼll You Have?, A. L. Burt Co. (1933)

Stanley Walker, Night Club Era, Frederick A. Stokes Company (1933)

Alma Whitaker, Bacchus Behave! The Lost Art Polite Drinking, Frederick A. Stokes (1933)

(anon.), 1934 Cocktail Book, Kriedt Printing Company (1934)

(anon.), Bar La Florida Cocktails, Obispo y Monserrate (1934)

(anon.), Old Mr. Boston Bartenderʼs Guide, Ben Burk, Inc. (1934)

"The cocktail recipes in this book were chosen after months of careful study. Old-time bartenders of Boston have assisted in their choice and we feel certain that all of these drinks will prove delicious."

This edition is the 3rd Printing (Feb. 1934) of the very first edition of the now famous "Mr. Boston's Bartending Guide". I haven't yet seen an older one than this, but I'm sure they exist somewhere. The 1st Printing is listed as happening in September of 1932.

(anon.), Red Jay Bartenderʼs Guide, Dr. D. Jayne & Son, Inc. (1934)

(anon.), Simple Facts about Wines, Spirits, Ale & Stout, Alex D. Shaw & Co., Inc (Distributed by A&P) (1934)

  • Publisher self designates as "(importers, distributors, wine & spirits merchants)"

A. J. Bailey, The Mixologist, (published by author) (1934)

(anon.), Official Bartendersʼ Recipes, 1934, Bartenders Local No. 284 Los Angeles (1934)

Irvin Cobb, Irvin Cobbʼs Own Recipe Book, Bartenders Local No. 284 Los Angeles (1934)

Patrick Gavin Duffy, Official Mixerʼs Manual, Frankfort Distilleries, Inc. (1934)

Robert Hunt Lyman, World Almanac & Book of Facts 1934, Ray Long & Richard R. Smith (1934)

Oscar of the Waldorf, 100 Famous Cocktails, New York World-Telegram (1934)

William Boothby, "Cocktail Bill" Boothbyʼs World Drinks and How to Mix Them, The Recorder Printing & Publishing (1934)

Albert Stevens Crockett, Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, (1935)

O. Blunier, The Barkeeperʼs golden book. The exquisite Book of American Drinks., Kenilworth Press, Inc. (1935)

Edward M. Brooks, Official Bartenderʼs Blue Book, Morgarten (1935)

Leo Cotton, Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartenderʼs Guide, Brooks & Joyce (1935)

  • (1st or 2nd printing - incomplete)

Rachel Bell Maiden, Lucina Smith Wakefield (Illus.), The Canapé Book, Ben Burk, Inc (1935)

Sterling North, Carl Kroch, So Red the Nose; Or Breath in the Afternoon, D. Appleton-Century Co. (1935)

John OʼHara, Butterfield 8, Farrar & Rinehart (1935)

Morris Victor Rosenbloom, The Liquor Industry, Bantam (1935)

André L. Simon, Wines & Liqueurs From A to Z, Ruffsdale Distilling Co. (1935)

Vicomte de Mauduit, The Vicomte in the Kitchenette, The Wine & Food Society (1935)

Adrian, Cocktail Fashions of 1936, Covici Friede (1936)

Herbert Asbury, The French Quarter, F. P. Aguado & Co. (1936)

Harman Burney Burke, Burkeʼs Complete Cocktail & Drinking Recipes, Author (1936)

Leo Cotton, Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartenderʼs Guide, Books, Inc. (1936)

  • 3rd printing

Grant L. Donnelly, Alcohol & the Habit-Forming Drugs, Ben Burk, Inc. (1936)

  • Elementary School Textbook

Bill Edwards, How to Mix Drinks (Drinks; How to Make and How to Serve Them), Alfred Williams & Company (1936)

Frank Meier, Artistry of Mixing Drinks, David McKay Company (1936)

Frank A. Thomas, Wines, Cocktails & Other Drinks, Fryam Press - Paris (1936)

Stanley Clisby Arthur, Famous New Orleans Drinks & How to Mix ʻem, Harcourt Brace & Company (1937)

Hyman Gale, Gerald F. Marco, The ''How and When, Harmanson (1937)

Jack Hanley, Letʼs Make Mary, (published by author) (1937)

W. J. Tarling, Cafe Royal Cocktail Book, Phoenix Press (1937)

(anon.), Legend of Liqueurs, Wines & Spirits - 4th edition, Publications from Pall Mall Ltd. (1938)

Herbert Asbury, Suckerʼs Progress, Reilly & Lee Co. (1938)

Frank Case, Tales of a Wayward Inn (The Algonquin), Dodd, Mead & Company (1938)

Jean Lupoiu, Cocktails, Frederick A. Stokes Company (1938)

(unknown), Guaging Manual; ...Instructions & Tables for Determining ...Quantity of Distilled Spirits by Proof & Weight (U. S. Treasury Department), Les Oeuvres Francaises (1938)

(anon.), Cocktails Bar La Florida, United States Government Printing Office (1939)

Charles H. Baker Jr., Gentlemanʼs Companion - Volume II Being An Exotic Drinking Book or Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask, The Derrydale Press (1939)

Later editions were published by Crown Publishing


Charles Browne, Gun Club Drink Book, Obispo y Monserrate (1939)

Constantino Ribalaigua, Bar Florida, Charles Scribnerʼs Sons (1939)

Walton Hall Smith, Liquor the Servant of Man, La Floridita Bar (1939)

W. C. Whitfield, Just Cocktails, Little, Brown & Company (1939)


(anon.), Hostʼs Handbook, Three Mountaineers Inc (1940)

James Beard, Hors DʼOeuvre & Canapes (with a Key to the Cocktail Party), National Distillers (1940)

Emil J. Belanger, Drug & Specialty Formulas, M. Barrows & Company (1941)

Crosby Gaige, Crosby Gaigeʼs Cocktail Guide & Ladiesʼ Companion, Chemical Publishing Co, Inc. (1941)

W. C. Whitfield, Hereʼs How, M. Barrows & Company (1941)

Stirling Graham, Melrose - Honey of Roses, Three Mountaineers Inc (1942)

Lucius Beebe, Snoot If You Must, Records & Goldsborough (1943)

  • Rea Irvin illus.

H. I. Williams, 3 Bottle Bar, D. Appleton-Century Company (1943)

(anon.), 150 Recettas de Entremeses y Cock-tails (Biblioteca La Familia), M. S. Mill Co., Inc. (1944)

Crosby Gaige, Standard Cocktail Guide, Libros y Revistas, S. A. (1944)

(anon.), Professional Mixing Guide, M. Barrows & Company, Inc. (1945)

W. Walter Crotch, Complete Yearbook of French Quality Wines, Spirits & Liqueurs, The Angostura-Wupperman Corporation (1945)

George Gardner, How to be a Bartender (Same as "Drinks as They are Mixed"), Editions M. Ponsot (1945)

  • George of the Ritz

James Boone Wilson, The Spirit of Old Kentucky, Nelson-Hall Co. (1945)

Lucius Beebe, Stork Club Bar Book, Crown (1946)

Victor Bergeron, Trader Vicʼs Book of Food & Drink, Rinehart & Company (1946)

Leo Cotton, Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartenderʼs Guide, Doubleday (1946)

  • 6th printing

Oscar Haimo, Cocktail & Wine Digest, Ben Burk, Inc. (1946)

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This is an important book for any cocktail enthusiast to read. It not only is one of the first times a book is written which examines the actual anatomy of what makes a great cocktail, but it is also written by somebody who is not a bartender, or even in the beverage business at all. David Embury was a lawyer, and simply a cocktail enthusiast who wanted to share his insights with others.


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Note: I'm not sure exactly why this book was on the original bibliography list I used to jumpstart this one, I suppose there must be "some" details in here about spirits and/or mixed drinks?

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Expanded and updated from the 2004 edition


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This book is a careful and detailed examination of the cocktail landscape during the 1800's, it has a specific focus on the work of Jerry Thomas, who penned the first bartenders manual in 1862. It may not address modern-day needs of beginning bartenders, but it does reveal the history and evolution of how we arrived at bartending today.
The 2015 edition is updated and revised from the 2007 edition and includes additional content and results of additional research.

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This is an updated version of the 2009 edition


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This is an absolutely amazing encylopedia of almost anything related to cocktails and spirits.


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