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Ben Reed has written numerous books on cocktails, as well as being a consultant and trainer.

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  • Mean Margaritas: and other tequila cocktails (2012)
  • Punch Parties (2012)
  • Sinful Smoothies (2012)
  • Ice-cold Martinis (2011)
  • Cool Cocktails (2009) with William Lingwood
  • The Art of the Cocktail (2009) with William Lingwood
  • Shots (2007) with William Lingwood
  • Ben Reed's Bartender's Guide: UK Edition (2006)
  • Classic Cocktails (2006)
  • Hangover Cures (2005)
  • Party Cocktails (2005)
  • Sunshine Cocktails (2005) with William Lingwood
  • Margaritas and Other Tequila Cocktails (2004) with William Lingwood
  • Martinis (2003) with William Lingwood
  • Hollywood Cocktails (2003) with Tobias Steed
  • Cool Cocktails Home Bar Cards (2002)
  • The Cocktail Hour (2002) with William Lingwood
  • Cool Cocktails: The Hottest New Drinks and the Best of the Classics (2000) with William Lingwood

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