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There are a large number of different tools, devices, gizmos, and bits of equipment that might be used in the process of mixing a great drink. While no attempt will be made here to list "all" of these, we will try to provide a comprehensive of a list as possible. This may require the listings of these tools to be broken out into several pages, but to start with we'll see how much we can accommodate on a single page.

We will "attempt" to stack rank these tools such that the higher up the list the tool is, the more important it might be considered. Care should be taken to understand that this stack ranking could be different depending on what type of bartender you are, and what your specific needs are.

Primary Tools

These are the tools which should be considered the most important to a properly prepared bartender. Depending on what types of drinks you make, some of these tools may rarely be used.

A jigger is a key tool for making sure the cocktails you make are properly measured and come out consistently the same. Without getting into the whole "jigger versus freepour" debate, I would hope that everyone should realize that if you are just putting your initial toolset together, you probably don't have the training/experience to freepour accurately.
Boston Shaker
Cobbler Shaker
Hawthorne Strainer
Bar Spoon
Julep Strainer
Cutting Board
Fine Strainer
Ice Cube Tray
Vegetable Peeler

Secondary Tools

These are the tools which may be less important, or provide a function which can easily be achieved either by one of the tools above, or by simply being ingenious with the various things you might already have on hand.

Channel Knife
Spice Rasp/Grinder
Citrus Zester
Pour Spouts
Bottle Opener
Lewis Bag
Ice Tub
Ice Scoop

Ancillary Tools

This are the tools which are either more fanciful, or aren't really necessary for mixing a drink.

Cork Screw
Can Opener
Champagne Sabre
Swizzle Stick
Punch Bowl
Ice Pick
Ice Tapper
Ice Mallet
Bottle Opener

Recommended Sources

Here are some starting places to find some of the tools above. The sites listed here will be focused primarily on providing bar tools, and not just a "general store" that also sells bar tools.