Audrey Saunders

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Audrey Saunders is widely recognized as one of the leaders of modern mixology. She is a craft bartender originally from New York, and now lives in Washington State with her husband Robert Hess. She owns the Pegu Club in New York and designed their cocktail program which played a major role in sparking the craft cocktail movement and spurred the New York cocktail renaissance. Many of her cocktails have become known as “Modern Classics”, most notable are the Old Cuban, and the Gin Gin Mule. In 2011, she was awarded “Best Bar Mentor” by Tales of the Cocktail.

Audrey’s contributions to the cocktail scene have been reported on numerous times by The New York Times, The Times (London), The Financial Times, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Wine & Spirits, Saveur, Imbibe, Town & Country, Food Arts, GQ, Esquire, The Guardian, and In Style magazine. She was identified by Imbibe Magazine as one of “The Top 25 Most Influential Cocktail Personalities of the Past Century”[1], and the New York Times refers to her training program at Pegu as “The Harvard of Mixology”.