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Absolut Vodka is produced in the small town of Åhus, where the company has 300 employees. From that single source, 99 percent of all Absolut Vodka is then sold abroad, making it Sweden's single largest export product in the food category.

The Absolut Company is one of six brand companies within Pernod Ricard, and is responsible for not just Absolut vodka and its various flavors, but (since 2009) for Malibu Rum and Kahlua as well.

Absolut started out in 1879. L.O. Smith’s revolutionary idea was truly unique in its time. He was a future-forward entrepreneur who decided that Sweden needed a new vodka – one that was extraordinarily clear. Where other brands on the Swedish market often used spices in their vodka to mask impurities, which were said to cause health problems, L.O. Smith chose a new path. He introduced the continuous distillation method in Sweden, a new process that removed impurities in the liquor while preserving the character of the raw ingredients. And so, Absolut Rent Brännvin (Absolut Pure Vodka) was born, and quickly became quite popular with its smooth and pure taste.

L.O. Smith’s business became the foundation for the Swedish government monopoly Vin & Sprit (Wine & Spirits), which was created in 1917. The goal was simple; to take away the ability of privately controlled companies to profit from liquor. The company had a monopoly on the import, export, distribution, andproduction of alcohol, meaning that they now owned many well-known and beloved brands. One of them was Absolut Rent Brännvin.

Absolut Vodka, as we know it today, was launched internationally in 1979 – 100 years after its creation. Since then, Absolut Vodka has become one of the world's most successful and most recognized brands by employing its original craftsmanship, innovative design and cutting-edge marketing.

When the Swedish government sold Vin & Sprit in 2008, the journey that began nearly 130 years earlier now continued under the leadership of the prestigious French company Pernod Ricard. This new ownership brought the brand new opportunities, but in line with the group's decentralized culture, Absolut Vodka naturally stayed in its’ home country of Sweden under the stewardship of The Absolut Company.


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